Sig Sauer 4x20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder

Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder Review

Rangefinder devices are becoming more popular these days. In fact, not only professionals and laborers are the ones who utilize these instruments. As it happens, many active individuals, like golfers, are also popular users of rangefinders. And if you are one of these individuals who are looking for a perfect golf rangefinder, then this Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder review is just suitable for you.

Golf Rangefinders Today

The number of golf rangefinders on the market today is quite increasing. As mentioned, these devices are becoming more popular due to the apparent increase in demand. Accordingly, this is why many brands and manufacturers in recent times offer the same kind of product to fully suffice the needs and demands of the consumers.

In those brands and names, only a few stands out the most. And if you are looking for the most ideal or the best golf rangefinder today, then let’s see if the Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder perfectly fits the description.

Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder

If convenience and ease of use are the main factors that make up your buying decisions, then you may want to check the Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder. This is because many users perceived it as one of the easiest rangefinders to utilize on a regular basis.

Also, Sig Sauer largely markets the model for its fast and efficient features. And not only that these functions are effective, but they also promote a no-hassle experience for the users. Accordingly, this might be the most ideal rangefinder for you if you are looking for something like this in your future rangefinder.

Even so, it can be difficult to arrive at a decision, especially if you have no clue or idea about the things and features that it offers. Hence, this quick review will try to streamline all of its features and functions to help you.

Features and Specifications

The Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder is a very innovative model of a rangefinder. With its revolutionary Lightwave DSP Technology, this unit can provide the fastest and longest distance and range that anyone can find on the market. Not to mention, its HyperScan feature also offers four various range updates per second.

Along with the scan feature, the RangeLock, on the other hand, reports in detail that last measured range. So, users can naturally track the ranges they’ve measured on fields and sites,

It is also worth mentioning that the units of measurements are adjustable. Users can actually adjust from yards to meters as well as from meters to yards.

Build and Structure

The build and structure of the Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder are quite on point. Thanks to its sleek and stylish black appearance, any meticulous user when it comes to their style and looks would want to utilize this rangefinder.

Aside from its stylish design, this rangefinder is also applicable for one-handed operation. Also, the interface is very user-friendly. In fact, the buttons are focused on its range and mode settings only. Not to mention, it features lanyard attachment points for those users who want their instruments attached with lanyards.

As for its dimension rating, it is rated at 3.9 x 1.4 x 2.9 inches. And with this kind of rating, it is quite safe to say that the Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 is a very compact and portable rangefinder. Moreover, it is lightweight too. With a total of 5 ounces in terms of its weight, you can actually bring this anywhere with you.

Display and Lens

The LCD Display of this rangefinder features a superior low-light operationSig Sauer 4x20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder due to its high transmittance function. Also, it comes with a SpectraCoat Anti-Reflection coating for a much clearer optics. Accordingly, convenience and reliability are very much apparent in this aspect.

In terms of the lens, this Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder takes pride in its 4x magnification. The eye relief is rated at 24 millimeters with an exit pupil of 5 millimeters. The angle compensation is also available upon usage that can provide up to 1600 yards of the reflective target.

For its non-reflective target, the distance can reach up to 600 yards. And for its field of view, it can offer up to 45.53 degrees at 100 yards.

Battery and Battery Life

Just like any other golf rangefinders on the market today, the KILO1200 also requires one CR2 battery to operate. This type can actually last up to 3 to 5 months on an average note. But keep in mind that this factor is also dependent on the user’s applications.

The package already comes with one CR2 battery. So, once you’ve used up all the charges, you will need to purchase a new one since this kind is not rechargeable.

Price and Package Inclusion

The overall price of the Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder is rated below $175. While this price is in the mid-range, many consumers find it a pretty expensive figure. This is because there are other rangefinders on the market that has a price for as low as $75. Not to mention, its overall cost does not include any additional inclusion aside from the one CR2 battery.

Hence, many see its overall price as the main drawback of the product. But even so, the quality and performance of the equipment largely make up for its current value.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy One?

If you are looking for the best and finest golf rangefinder on the market, then this one will do. However, it is worth noting that this might be the best for some while it may not be the best for you. So, it is still wise and practical that you consider first all of its specifications and features alongside the factors that affect your buying decision.

But all in all, the Sig Sauer 4×20 KILO1200 Laser Rangefinder is a high-quality product that many golfers trust in recent times.

If you want to learn more about this great rangefinder, this video might help you out: