Golf Range finder

Golf Range Finder

Golf Range Finder

A golf range finder is a unique piece of equipment that helps golfers measure the distance between them and the target. Measuring this distance allows the player to know which golf club to use and how powerful of a swing to execute. A range finder has become a standard piece of equipment for golfers,  especially those of a higher level of play.

Any level of golfer is able to use a golf range finder, but it is more common to see them used among higher levels. Pro-golfers and players competing in college golf is where you will most commonly see the use of range finders.

There are many different styles of range finders. The most commonly used style is a monocular/binocular style. With this style of range finder, the user looks through the viewfinder, where they can see what the course looks like in front of them with a measurement device next to the picture.

The second style of golf range finder is the form of a watch. Another piece of equipment that is becoming standard equipment for golfers is a golf gps watch. Some of these watches come with a built in range finder. This style is not as common as a binocular style. The least common form of a golf range finder is a handheld. These are just about the size of a smartphone.

How Does a Golf Range Finder Work?

When measuring the distance to the target, this is called pin-seeking. This is the main purpose of a golf range finder. When you look through the scope, it magnifies the target and shoots a laser beam at it. This determines the exact distance. Pin seeking is the most accurate way to measure the distance from the player to the target. The best range finders use this technology to pick up the target against anything in the background. This ensures for the most accurate measurement.

If you have a rangefinder that does not use pin seeking, there are other tips to ensure the most accurate measurement. The way to do this is to aim the range finder at something just to the side of the target, then hover the laser over the target and see if you are given a shorter distance. If so, that is the exact distance to the target.

Not only does a golf range finder measure the distance to the target, but it Golf Range Finderalso measures the distance from hazards. It shows you how far your shot has to go to avoid any hazards.

Some range finders include a slope measurement. This is important for targets that are uphill or downhill. The slope measurement takes into account how far above or below your target is from where you are standing. This feature gives the player a more accurate measurement, but it is illegal to use this feature in the competition. So, brands have begun to make this feature optional on most range finders.


Use in Tournaments

Not all tournaments allow the use of range finders. If the tournament does allow the use of a range finder, there are only certain types that are allowed. This does not include range finders that automatically use slope measurement, as slope measurement is illegal in competition. Tournament legal golf range finders typically only have one feature, and that is measuring the distance to the target. These range finders are not able to do much else, and that is why they are tournament legal. This creates fair play during the tournament.

You should always check the tournament rules before you buy or plan to use your range finder. In general, the bigger the tournament, the more likely there is a rule against using range finders in the game. At lower levels of golf, the players are typically allowed to use a range finder.

More on Style

The most commonly used style of a golf range finder is in the form of Golf range finderbinoculars. With this style, the binoculars are vertical, and you look through the top scope. When you look through it, the farther field is magnified and shown next to a measurement device. This handheld device has a comfortable grip when you hold it.

You have to carry it around the course while you play, so the bigger it is, the more of an inconvenience. They are typically all the same size, which is not too big or uncomfortable to keep with you at all times. With this style of the device, the only feature it really has is the range finder. There is no GPS, step counter, or score card.


The next style of golf range finder is a watch. This style is not as typical if the player is looking for a range finder. A player typically buys a watch if they are looking for a golf GPS. Not every golf watch on the market even offers a range finder. When looking for a golf range finder watch, be sure to research the brand of the watch and the features it offers.

A golf range finder watch is very convenient and easy to keep with you throughout an entire golf game. It straps right to your wrist, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting or misplacing it. With a watch, you need to worry about battery, unlike the binocular version.

The least common form of a golf range finder is a handheld. Handheld golf range finders are about the size of a smartphone. These devices are able to display the course right on the screen. Most of them double as a GPS, just like the watch. Handheld golf range finders are not the most convenient for of range finders, because they don’t clip on or strap onto your wrist. It is like carrying around a second phone. Convenience is one simple reason why handheld golf range finders are the least common style.

Price Depending on Style

When it comes to the binocular style of golf range finder, the most expensive price these can reach is just under $600. The cheapest purchase of this style is just under $200. The range of price for the binocular style is large. This makes it easy for a golfer to finder a range finder based on their budget. There are a lot of options on Amazon when it comes to this form of range finder. Unfortunately, a binocular style golf range finder under $150 is not worth the money. You can’t typically find one at that price that is not on sale.

The next style is the watch version. When it comes to golf range finder watches, the most expensive purchase is usually just under $400. The cheapest buy you would be able to find is just over $100. There are not as many options when it comes to finder a golf range finder in the form of a watch, but there are enough to offer variety. When you are looking for a golf range finder watch, you can usually find a clip on, and purchase a watch strap to go along with it. This is a great thing that comes with the watch style of range finder. There is a lot of variety and style options that come with watches.

The last style of golf range finders is the handheld form. Most of these devices are just under $100. There are not many options on Amazon when it comes to this style. These devices off the least amount of options and variety. This is the cheapest form of golf range finder, but it may be hard to find a device that suits you, due to the lack of options.

Where Can You Find a Golf Range Finder?

There are many golf stores out there, depending on where you live. There are also sport stores, such as Dick Sporting Goods. All of these stores should offer golf range finders. The two most common places to find a golf range finder are Walmart and Amazon. Amazon offers so many options and styles of range finders.


Golf range finders are becoming more and more common in the game of golf. They are used to find the distance between the player and the target. This helps the player choose the style of club to use for each shot, as well as how powerful their swing should be. Range finders are more common in higher levels of golf.

Yet, in higher-level tournaments, they are generally banned. There are many unique and advanced features that are offered through different syles and brands of golf range finders. The more features it offers, the more expensive it will be.

The most common and most expensive form of range finder is in the form of binoculars. This style does not offer a GPS or a score keeper, yet it is the most accurate at finding the range between you are the target. Amazon is the place to go if you are looking for your first golf range finder! Golf range finders are an amazing purchase if you are getting into golf!