Bushnell Pro XE

Bushnell Pro XE Review

Bushnell rangefinders might be the best ones on the market. This is why a lot of people are looking forward to having one, especially the golfers and hunters. And if you are one of these individuals who are looking for a great Bushnell model of laser rangefinder, then this Bushnell Pro XE review might be the one that you need before heading out to purchase.

Bushnell Rangefinders Today

Bushnell is a very popular brand in the market of rangefinders. As it appears, the brand’s products are normally taken as the best ones in recent times.

This is because they offer innovative features and solutions that can solve almost anything when it comes to rangefinder concerns. And having this kind of characteristics is already a “plus” point for the brand along with their products.

While Bushnell offers various lines and types of rangefinders that almost always stand out on the market, there are a few of them that really takes the top spot. And if you are interested in having such kind, then the Bushnell Pro XE might be the one that you are looking for.

If you are still deciding on which Bushnell rangefinders that might answer to your needs, check this post about the best rangefinders of today. But if you already set your sights on the Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder, then this review will definitely help you out in finalizing your decision.

Bushnell Pro XE

According to Bushnell, the Pro XE model is a “revolutionized” type of golf laser rangefinder. And this is in consideration of the fact that their product offerings are all highly rated and well-loved. So, with this kind of marketing, many are already eyeing the Bushnell Pro XE as their next pick for the best golf rangefinder today.

The features and functions of this model will be further examined in the latter part of the review. But to give you an overview, the Pro XE offers additional features that are not found on the usual Bushnell golf range finder models.

So, let’s take a much deeper view of the Bushnell Pro XE.

Main Features and Specifications

Just like any Bushnell golf range finder on Bushnell Pro XEthe market today, the Pro XE also features the famous Pin Seeker with Visual JOLT and patented Slope Technology. As it happens, the pin seeker with JOLT technology is the one that allows the rangefinder to provide vibration bursts. And these bursts “reinforce” the laser to lock onto the flag. Accordingly, it can provide the ultimate accuracy when in use.

The patented Slope Technology is the feature that makes the Bushnell Pro XE much more precise when it comes to distance compensation.

Aside from these functions, the Pro XE also features the additional “elements.” And these elements include the temperature and barometric pressure feature to further provide enough precision to the distance measured. In addition, the range of the laser can reach up to 500 yards of range onward to the flag.

Structure and Build

As for the structure of the Bushnell Pro XE, it comes with a BITE magnetic mount that allows the user to easily and conveniently mount the unit on the cart bar. Hence, convenience is much more emphasized in this model.

In terms of its security and safety applications, the metal housing comes with a full waterproof application that allows the user to utilize the rangefinder even during the rainy season. With a total dimension rating of 0.4 x 3.1 x 5.6 inches and a total weight volume of 12 ounces, this Bushnell golf range finder is very portable, compact, and easy to store for safekeeping.

Battery and Battery Life

One of the most impressive features of a Bushnell golf range finder is its battery. This is because a Bushnell battery can last up to 8 months on an average note. And it is a very long lifespan in terms of its type.

As it happens, the Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder utilizes only one CR2 type of battery. And the package already features the first set. So, you will only need to purchase a replacement once every year after the first year of purchase. However, this is only on an ideal setting. And it will still depend on your usage.

Dedicated Application

If you would notice, the rangefinders that come with dedicated applications are most of the time a product of Bushnell. As it appears, the brand is almost the only one that offers this kind of feature.

Through the smartphone application, the Bushnell Pro XEusers can naturally locate hole layouts and 3D flyovers of various courses. Also, they all come with specific distances which adds to the overall convenience. It is also worth noting that the application can show up to 36,000 golf courses around the globe.

Accordingly, users can utilize the application and the rangefinder even if they are in different locations. And many consumers find this feature a very impressive addition to the primary offerings of the Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder.

Price and Package Inclusion

If you are a golf enthusiast, then you are probably aware that Bushnell golf range finder units are pretty expensive. This is why many consumers take the brand as one of today’s leading name in the market. But even so, this also becomes a huge drawback as not all are pretty open to buying expensive rangefinders. And for the Pro XE, the total price ranges from $325 to $400 depending on the inclusions, shipping locations, and purchasing locations.

If you are to compare this price with the other rangefinders on the market, this price can already purchase two average units on other brands. But even so, Bushnell ensures its consumers that all of their products can provide quality performance and functions.

Purchasing the Bushnell Pro XE will include one set of CR2 battery alone.

Final Thoughts: Is The Bushnell Pro XE Truly Worth-It?

For some, the Bushnell Pro XE is a worth-it purchase. In fact, many take it as an investment mainly because of its price. But nevertheless, many actual users attest that it can truly and genuinely justify its price.

Now, if you want to learn more about this golf rangefinder, this video might help you out: