which golf rangefinder

Which Golf Rangefinder?

The only way to find which golf rangefinder is best for you is to do some research. A golf rangefinder is a very useful thing to have as a golfer.

A range finder can help you figure out the golf club you want to use. It can help you measure the amount of force you need to use for your swing.

A golf rangefinder is even more useful if you are more of a professional golfer. If you are someone that golfs every day, you should invest in a more expensive and more heavy duty rangefinder.

If you do not play golf as often, but you still want a rangefinder to help improve your game, a more expensive rangefinder is not necessary.

There are many different styles of golf rangefinders. The most common form of a golf rangefinder is the form of binoculars. Other forms of golf rangefinders are clip-ons which can also form into watches.

Handheld golf rangefinders are in the form of a monocular or a set of binoculars. With these devices, you look through the viewfinder and you can see a measurement next to what you are looking at.

With these devices, there is no built in gps as there is on most clip-ons. These devices are the most popular for the rangefinder features.

A golf range finder clip on is very convenient. You can clip it onto your belt or your hat. This makes it easy to use and carry around the course while you play.

Many golf range finder clip on devices also include a GPS feature.Golf range finder clip on devices are small and lightweight. They are easy to keep on you while you are playing your golf game.

It is easier than carrying around a larger device in your pocket. Many clip on range finders are also compatible for watch straps.

In this post, we have listed the best handheld golf rangefinder as well as the best clip-on rangefinder.

Golfbuddy Voice 2

This golf range finder clip on device doubles as a GPS. This clip on comes in a bunch of different color combinations that you can choose from. You can buy only the clip on, or you can turn this purchase into a bundle and purchase a watch strap.

The Golfbuddy golf range which golf rangefinderfinder clip on has shot distance measurement. This watch also has a  Simple audio feature. You can measure the shot distance by touching the device, or by using your voice.

This range finder has an automatic course and hole recognition. It is an advanced device that is still very easy to use. The cheapest colors for this clip on are $88. The most expensive color for this clip on is $119.99.

Precision Pro Golf NX7

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 Which golf rangefinder?Rangefinder is the top rated rangefinder on Amazon. This is a handheld range finder. It has the standard 6X magnification, which is similar to most handheld rangefinders. It also has a 400 yard range.

This range finder is water resistant, making it safe and easy to take to any course in any weather. It also has pulse vibration notifications. These are to let the user know that the measurement to the desired target is correct.

This Precision Pro device is the only one that comes with accurate slope measurement,  which is something that a lot of users look for.


To find which golf rangefinder is best for you, read through these two different options. Handheld golf rangefinders and clip-on golf rangefinders are both very useful. Both of these styles work very well, so it is up to you which golf rangefinder you would like most.