best golf range finder

The Best Golf Range Finder

A golf range finder is a unique piece of equipment that helps golfers measure the distance between them and the target. Measuring this distance allows the player to know which golf club to use and how powerful of a swing to execute. In this post, we have listed the best golf range finder.

A range finder has become a standard piece of equipment for golfers,  especially those of a higher level of play.

Any level of golfer is able to use a golf range finder, but it is more common to see them used among higher levels. Pro-golfers and players competing in college golf is where you will most commonly see the use of range finders.

The Best Golf Range Finder

There are many different styles of range finders. The most commonly used style is a monocular/binocular style. With this style of range finder, the user looks through the viewfinder, where they can see what the course looks like in front of them with a measurement device next to the picture.

The second style of golf range finder is the form of a watch. Another piece of equipment that is becoming standard equipment for golfers is a watch. Some of these watches come with a built in range finder. This style is not as common as a binocular style. The least common form of a golf range finder is a handheld. These are just about the size of a smartphone.

Different Styles of the Best Golf Range Finder

As with any product, there are different brands and styles of golf range finders. There are handheld, clip on, and watch versions of golf range finders.

Binocular Style

The most commonly used style of a golf range finder is in the form of binoculars. With this style, the binoculars are vertical, and you look through the top scope. When you look through it, the farther field is magnified and shown next to a measurement device. This handheld device has a comfortable grip when you hold it.

You have to carry it around the course while you play, so the bigger it is, the more of an inconvenience. They are typically all the same size, which is not too big or uncomfortable to keep with you at all times. With this style of the device, the only feature it really has is the range finder. There is no GPS, step counter, or score card.

These features all point to why this is the most commonly used version of golf range finder. Although this style does not off a GPS, step counter, or score card, it is still widely used. Players who invest in this type of range finder only want the range finder feature. If you are not only looking for something to measure the distance between you and your target, there are other styles that will be the best golf range finder for you!


The next most used style of golf range finder is a watch. This style is not as typical if the player is looking for a range finder. A player typically buys a watch if they are looking for a GPS. Not every watch on the market even offers a range finder. When looking for a golf range finder watch, be sure to research the brand of the watch and the features it offers.

A watch is very convenient and easy to keep with you throughout an entire golf game. It straps right to your wrist, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting or misplacing it. With a watch, you need to worry about battery, unlike the binocular version.

If you are a player who is looking for a GPS, a range finder, and a fitness tracker, there is a perfect watch out there for you. When you find a watch that offers all of those features, you will have found the best golf range finder for you. If you are worried about misplacing, dropping, or losing your range finder during your game, a watch is perfect for you! Having it strapped onto your wrist throughout the game will help you from misplacing it. It is convenient and easy to use!


There are other random styles of golf range finders on the market. There are small handheld devices that are just barely smaller than a smartphone. If you love the size and feel of your smartphone, a handheld range finder is the best range finder for you.

If you are not wanting to purchase a whole new device to use as a range finder or gps, there are apps on itunes that you can download or purchase. These apps work as range finders for your Iphone or Android. With these apps, your smartphone or apple watch will work exactly like a normal handheld or watch style range finder!


Golf range finders all differ when it comes to price. The most expensive version of golf range finder is a binocular style golf range finder. The second most expensive would be a watch or clip on style. The least expensive device is a handheld golf range finder. And if you have decided you would rather purchase and download an app, these range from free to up to $30 a month!

The Best Golf Range Finder

The TecTecTec Vpro500

The TecTecTec Vpro500 is the best golf range finder on Amazon. This devicethe best golf range finder is updated technology in order to meet all of the needs of a golfer. It is very accurate and easy to use, making it the most popular range finder on Amazon.

The Vpro500 is a binocular style, being the most commonly used style. This device includes a laser rangefinder. You can adjust the clarity of the picture you are seeing through the viewfinder. This ensures clarity of the picture for every user, no matter the condition of their eyesight.


This product has three different scanning modes that are suitable for every situation. It’s pin-sensor allows you to measure overlapping targets. It also makes it easy to measure wooded areas, which is hard to do in other cases. These features allow you to confidently measure the distances from your targets. The measurement locking feature creates even more confidence for the user. The package comes with the device, a charger, and a carrying bag.

This golf range finder is just under $150, making it one of the least expensive in the form of a set of binoculars! Being the most popular and highest rated range finder on Amazon, this is a great deal. This product also comes with a 2-year warranty, as well as a lifetime customer support.

This golf range finder is the best one out there for anyone who is looking for one! It doesn’t offer a golf gps or a fitness tracker, but if you are looking for a range finder, this product is perfect! It is inexpensive, but it works just as well as those that are twice as much money!


There are many different styles and brands of golf range finders. The only way to find the best device for you is to go through all of the different styles and what they offer. There are binoculars, watches, clip-ons, and handhelds. If you are not wanting to buy a whole new device, there is a variety of apps on the app store that you can download. These apps do a great job at range measuring!

No matter what style of golf range finder you decide on, you can find the one for you. All styles work extremely well. Golf range finders are becoming an essential tool in today’s golf games.