Inexpensive golf rangefinder

Inexpensive golf rangefinder

Inexpensive Golf Rangefinder

Golf rangefinder devices are not cheap, but there are some inexpensive golf rangefinders. Rangefinders and gps watches are investments for golfers. They are great to use for accuracy during a game, so they are worth the money.

But if you are someone who can not afford to invest in the most expensive of these devices, we have a few options for you. Here, we have listed a few of the least expensive options of Inexpensive golf rangefinder devices.

SereneLife Pro Golf Laser

The SereneLife golf laser is an inexpensive golf rangefinder. This golf laser measures up to 540 yards with 1-yard accuracy. The rangefinder has a water resistant body, making it extremely durable.

This rangefinder has a feature called Smart pin seeker mode.This mode uses a technology to lock onto the focused flag and measures the distance from it. This makes your swing accurate.

This device is very simple to Inexpensive golf rangefinder use. There is only one button for control, so it does not take your focus away from the game. All you need to do is aim and click the button. These steps will allow the rangefinder to quickly measure the distance between you and your focused target.

The Serenelife pro is lightweight and durable. The body of this device is water resistant and dust resistant. It is safe to take on any course! This package also comes with a carrying bag, to make it even easier to take this rangefinder to any course.

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

This golf rangefinder accurately measures from 5 yards to 650 yards. There are a few different modes that you can set this rangefinder to. The modes help with finding range, angle, and locking in on a certain focused flag.

The package that this Inexpensive golf rangefinder rangefinder comes in includes an easy user setup. This device is simple to use and has a lot of features to enhance your comfort. It has a comfortable grip as well as a safe eye rangefinder. The package also comes with a carrying pouch, a strap, a battery, and a cleaning cloth.

This golf rangefinder is $109.99 with free shipping. This purchase also comes with lifetime customer support and a year long warranty.

Garmin Approach G10

This golf rangefinder is made by Garmin, which is a very great brand for golf devices.

Unlike the other two rangefinders, this one is a clip on, making it easy and convenient to carry around the course during your game. You can clip it on your belt or hat, and trust that it will still be there when your game is over.

This rangefinder is also great Inexpensive golf rangefinder garmin G10at tracking your score and your game statistics. It also works as a gps to show your distance from courses. This feature is also able to measure your distance from a hole, as well as any sand traps or water hazards.

This rangefinder is $94 with free shipping. This rangefinder is cheaper because it is a clip on. It is smaller than other rangefinders. This inexpensive golf rangefinder is a trusted device, and works like a charm!


A rangefinder is a great purchase for golfers. Some rangefinders have more features than others do. You can find a lot of good features for a low price just by reading through this post!