Golf Range Finder App

Golf Range Finder App

A golf range finder is a device that allows a golfer to find the distance between them and their target. This is creates a simple way to choose the best golf club and the power of the swing that is needed to reach the target. There are many different types of range finders, and there are many different features that each one offers. Golf range finders are typically expensive depending on the amount of features they offer. This is where a golf range finder app can come in handy!

Most golf range finders are waterproof or water resistant, so it is safe to carry them around the course. Some of them even double as a fitness tracker, score tracker, and GPS. But, the most common type of golf range finder is in the form of binoculars. This type does not offer any GPS or tracking features, but they offer the most accurate range finding feature of all styles.

A perfect way to counter this golf range finder is by downloading a golf range finder app on your smartphone! In this day and age, everyone has a smartphone and everyone knows what an app is. Smart phones typically offer an app for almost anything. In this case, there are apps that were made specifically for finding the range between the player and the target. These apps stand in the place of handheld range finders. Just like any product or app, there are benefits to the range finder apps but there are also some down sides.

Warnings about Smartphone Apps

Some things that must be remembered when you start using and relying on these apps. One is that smartphones are not waterproof or water resistant. Many range finders are waterproof or water resistant. When you start to use apps instead of actual range finder devices, it becomes more dangerous to use your phone on the course. This is due to rain, water traps, or other thins that can cause water damage to your phone.

A smartphone has a certain amount of battery power, and the use of apps drain that battery. These golf range finder apps especially drain your phone battery. This is because when using this app, your phone is constantly on and open. The best way to cope with this is to begin with a full charge, and turn on battery saving mode. You can also close out of all other apps and turn your brightness down when in use.

Apps for the Iphone


  1. Hole19 GPS Range Finder and Scorecard

This range finder app offers so many great features for free! Most other golf range finder appadvanced golf apps cost a certain amount per month. This app is comparable to those that cost up to $30. Hole19 has a flyover view. You see the course and the targets from a skyview. This gives you a better perspective of the course and the hole, including the distance from you and the hole. The ariel view allows you to get a better idea of how far the ball must travel.


With Hole19, you are also able to track water hazards and how they affect the range from you to your target. The Itunes customer review for this app is 4 out of 5 stars, which is a great rating for a free app!

You are able to sync this app with your laptop using the clubhouse feature. You can also personalize player profiles with pictures. This app is difficult to navigate and also has occasional bugs. For being a free app, this range finder app is as good as one that costs money. This app is great because it also works on Androids.

      2.  Golfshot: Golf GPS

This app has two different versions: Classic and Plus Scorecard and Tee Times. The classic edition is not compatible with the apple watch, but the plus version does. This allows you to use the app through  your watch. A cool thing about this is that it resembles a golf GPS and range finder watch, just through an app. The plus edition also has better graphics and some extra features, as it is just an advanced version of the classic.


Both versions of the Golfshot app have top features. The Golfshot app is set Golf range finder app - golfshotapart from other golf range finder apps due to its great graphics and tracking. They automatically create colored graphics for fairways hit or missed. This app includes 40,000 plus courses and is also able to be updated. It has additional features as well, including hazard tracking and measuring and automatic course handicap calculator.

The app is has a massive international database of courses, that updates if there is ever a new course, or you are in a new area. This app has terrific stats and visualization, as well as color and graphics. As with any app, there are things about this app that are not so good. This golf range finder app drains your phones battery life very quickly. When planning to use this app, start with full battery and don’t plan on doing much else with your phone at that time. GolfShot is another amazing app that is compatible with Android phones as well as Iphones.

      3.  Golflogix for Iphone

The Golflogix golf range finder app for the Iphone has been updated since it was first released. With each update, the app gets more useful and easy. The visuals on the app are clear and sharp, and use bright color to display the green.

This range finder app also uses an aerial view. This feature gives a great golf range finder app - golflogixview of the hole, giving you the best picture of what lays between you and your  target. This app also offers a summary screen. With this feature, it shows you the distance to the center of the green as well as the distance to hazards.

The scorecard feature that comes with this app is easy to use and resembles a normal, paper scorecard. Golflogix makes it easy to measure the distance to your target and it also includes free handicap tracking. This app is light on battery consumption compared to others. It also comes with a lot of customization options. The down sides to the app are annoying pop-up ads and the technical support is not great.

      4.  Mobitee Premium Iphone golf GPS

This is one of the top-downloaded GPS apps, and there is a version of
golf range finder app
Iphones and Ipads. The Mobitee app comes with free and included satellite along with flyover views of the holes. Users love its interface because it is so easy to use. The app is able to track scoring for up to four players, search and show any near-by courses, and find the distance-to-hole with moving target.


The range finder view of this app shows the distances on the screen. Mobitee Premium is powered by google maps and it emails your finished score cards to you as well as your friends.  This app does not offer apple watch support, and it does not track your fairways hits.

      5.  Sonocaddie 2 Golf GPS

This Golf range finder app displays unique and brightly colored pictures of each hole on a course. This is in addition to aerial view photos of holes on the course. The color display of this app is easy to read through the bright sunlight on the course. It displays hazards on the course and your distance from them. The aerial view shows whether or not there are hazards that lay between you and your target.

This app comes with 40,000 courses that are downloaded onto the app prior. These are able to be updated as time goes on as well. The app is easy and quick to use, allowing the player to easily utilize the features during the game. Some apps have more courses listed on the app. If you subscribe to this app, you are only able to do it on one device.


All of these golf range finder apps are the best on the app store for Iphones. It is hard to find an app that works for you, especially if you have to pay for it to use it or a long period of time. All of these apps are meant for Iphones, but obviously that is not the only smartphone out there.

The best app on this list would be one that works for other smartphones. The best app from this list is Hole19 GPS Range Finder and Scorecard. This app is the best on the list because it is compatible for Iphones and Androids. It is a free app, yet it is comparable to those range finder apps that cost up to $30.

If you are willing to pay for your app, the best app for you would be Golfshot Golf GPS. The Golfshot app is also compatible for Androids as well as Iphones. It has two versions, meaning the classic would be the one that is free. The plus version is able to connect to the apple watch, allowing your app to mimic a GPS golf watch.

Either one of these two options would be great for any golfer to download!