Golf Beginners

Golf Beginners: The Dos and Don’ts

Golf beginners and newbies may find the sport or game a daunting one. Some people may even find it “intimidating,” especially when experts and professionals are around.

Even so, it is important for you to note that even the best ones in golf started somewhere. They were once beginners too. Hence, with a little practice, you will surely get by and excel in your chosen activity or sports.

Playing Golf Today

Golf is one of the most exciting and exhilarating games in recent times. Just ask around, especially the golf experts and professionals, they would all agree to this.

However, and as mentioned, playing golf can be a real challenge for the new ones in the field. Aside from the fact that it can be tricky when it comes to process and rules, there are also other things that need consideration.

These things may include golf tools and equipment, like the best golf rangefinders and golf clubs. Even so, before you get into such details, you must know first the dos and don’ts for golf beginners.

The Dos and Don’ts For Golf Beginners

First Games and Swings

  • Do: Practice the basics of golf in a practice range first

For golf beginners, you must start your journey at a good practice range. This will help you understand your skills and knowledge about golf. You can get to witness as well what your problem areas are amid your practices.

  • Don’t: Start your first games and swings on established golf courses

This is not to say that golf courses are only for skilled and expert Golf Beginnersgolfers. But, keep in mind that courses are already for big games that will “accentuate” your game.

Once you finally understand the basics, you may start your next games in established golf courses.

Pursuing Golf After First Practices

  • Do: Hire professional teachers and trainers for your golf activities

It is best for golf beginners to have their personal trainers and teachers that are more knowledgeable in golf. They will help you understand further your problems areas and will assist you improve in every game.

  • Don’t: Just rely on close friends, family members, and other significant ones when learning golf

As per experts and professionals, every beginner and newbie must not only get information from their own circle or network. This is much more on point when these individuals do not have proper knowledge and skills when it comes to playing golf.

Other Dos You Must Consider

  • Understand the technicalities of the game
  • Learn the proper grip and swing
  • Always bend on your hips
  • Finish every swing with your face, hips, and chest facing your target
  • Invest on reliable golf tools and equipment (like this one here in Bushnell Tour V4 Shift Golf Laser Rangefinder Review)
  • Enjoy the totality of the game

Other Don’ts You Must Note

  • Avoid letting you head “down and still”
  • You must not bend from you knees
  • Ensure not to stay flat-footed in every impact
  • Release all pressure and intimidation
  • Do not get discouraged!

While there are a lot more to ponder on when it comes to the dos and don’ts of golf for golf beginners, here are the top-most points. But, if you want to learn more some tips and hacks, this video might help you: