Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Are you looking for a Bushnell golf rangefinder but don’t have enough budget? If you are, then this Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder review might help you.

Apparently, Bushnell offers various kinds of golf accessories and products. And while they are prominent for offering several items necessary for golf and other outdoor activities, their rangefinders are the most popular ones among the lines.

However, their product offerings are not that kind of affordable for everyone. As a matter of fact, many see this as the main disadvantage of their brand. But even so, many consumers and actual users already testify that their price tags can apparently justify their value.

Still, there are those golfers who are looking for cost-efficient and cost-friendly golf rangefinders under this brand. And if you are one of them, then this review guide might help.

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Among all of the Bushnell golf range finders, the Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder is considerably the most standard and basic of all. In fact, this is the predecessor model to the popular Tour V4 Shift model. Accordingly, you can expect that most of its features are pretty similar to the Shift version.

As it happens, the only difference between the two is the Bushnell’s patented Slope Compensation feature. Quote obviously, this aspect largely affects the price and cost of the two models. Hence, the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder has a much cheaper price because of this.

While it does not have any slope compensation function, this model can still provide quality performance and functionalities. And we’ll try to sort all of these things out to further help you learn if this is the best golf rangefinder for you.

Features and Specifications

Just like the Shift model, JOLT Technology is actually one of the main features that the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder offer to its apparent users. And with this feature, it allows both professionals and beginners to maximize the instrument without worrying about its complexity.

The same thing actually applies to its PinSeeker function. As the V4 Shift model takes pride in its JOLT Technology, so does the V4 Standard model. Accordingly, users would feel several vibration bursts while using the rangefinder which would help them reinforce the laser.

As mentioned, the Bushnell Tour V4 model does not offer a slope functionality. Hence, one cannot fully utilize this on legal tournaments and such. But nevertheless, many professionals still recommend the use of this model, especially to the beginners who want to level up their game.

Build and Structure

Bushnell golf range finders are pretty Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefindersleek in their appearances. And most of the time, they would all look like the same. But while there are few similarities in their style and appearance, the color variations are quite wide. And for the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder, it features a combination of white, black, and gray colors.

But unlike the other high-end models, the Tour V4 unit is pretty compact. With its overall dimension rating of 3.1 x 4 x 1.6 inches, you can actually bring it anywhere with you. However, it is not as lightweight as the other Bushnell rangefinders. Even so, its total weight is rated at 1.1 pounds.

As for its safety applications, this model has a non-slip grip. So, you can easily and safely place your grip as you use the rangefinder. In addition, it is water-resistant. Hence, it can resist water from penetrating the unit. But it is worth noting that being water-resistant is far different from waterproof. So, you still have to be careful in using the tool, especially when water and fluid are present in the area.

Display and Lens

As mentioned, the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder is the most basic in its line. And as a basic model, it does not feature a dual display. In terms of its lens, the magnification rating is at 5x.

While this may be a basic model, the Tour V4 JOLT standard model still offers its exclusive dedicated application. For every buyer of a Bushnell product, they will have a free subscription for the app.

The application is a very helpful and beneficial feature to every Bushnell golf range finder. This is because the application allows the users to access over 36,000 courses which are in over 30 countries all over the globe.

Along with the wide access to courses, the app also allows the users to check 3D Flyovers and various hole layouts that both come with distance ratings.

Battery and Battery Life

The battery type that the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Laser Rangefinder requires Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinderis a CR2 type. And supplying the model with just one of this type, it can already function properly and effectively. As for its lifespan, it can actually last up to 6 to 8 months. But of course, this aspect is largely dependent on the brand of the battery.

So, it is quite recommendable to purchase Bushnell batteries for your very own Bushnell golf range finder.

Price and Package Inclusions

It is general knowledge that Bushnell golf range finder units are quite expensive. If you are to compare these models from the average ones on the market today, you will be surprised to learn that there is a huge difference in their price ranges.

As for the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder, the overall price is rated below $250. And this is a very low price point for a Bushnell rangefinder. This is why this guide is largely focused on the buyers who want a Bushnell that comes at a reasonable price.

For a price that falls below the range, the unit comes with one CR2 battery alone. But other than that, there are no further inclusions in the package. And if in case you want a package that comes with a protective case, you may need to add a few tens of dollars to avail the kit.

Now, if you want to learn more about this Bushnell golf range finder, this video elaborates further its uses and applications: