Best handheld golf gps

Best Handheld Golf GPS

A golf gps is a global positioning device that works for golf courses. These devices help you navigate your way through a golf course. They are also able to record and save your golf score. In this post, we help look for the best handheld golf gps for you!

A golf gps includes a map of the course including your location on the course. The system shows the map and your location of the screen of the gps. The size of your screen varies on what style of golf gps you have. 

You can get a watch style, or a clip-on golf gps. You can also go for a handheld golf gps. A handheld is just barely bigger than a smartphone. The screen on it is larger than that of a watch of a clip on. As with any other type of golf gps, you can go through a bunch of different brands to find the best device for you. 

Garmin Approach G8

This handheld golf gps is the best one on Amazon. It is the highest rated, making it Amazon’s best choice. 

This gps comes with 30,000 preloaded courses and a 3 inch color display. This golf gps is able to record and save the scores of your games. The Garmin G8 comes with several different scoreboard options to choose from. 

best handheld golf gps

Shown of the display of this device, you can see the distance to your targets. The distances to the targets adjust for uphill and downhill shots. This gps comes with a 15 hour long battery, which is equal to 36 holes of game play. 

Izzo Swami 5000

This is one of the best golf devices. The Swami 5000 is updated to improve your game experience. It has a scorecard feature that allows you to keep track of your game hole by hole. 

This device provides a new shot distance measurement. You are finally able to measure how far your drive goes. You can determine how big or small your swing needs to be in order to reach your target. This device also tells you where there are sand traps, water, or other hazards on the course. 

best handheld golf gps

The screen includes a full color and easy to read display. This gps is easy to charge and comes with a magnetic charger. The battery lasts over 12 hours of game-play. 

Skycaddie Touch

This device is one of the best because of its unique technology. It shows the exact shape of the green, and rotates as your angle and perspective changes. 

This golf gps shows the distance from you to your target as well as hazards on the course. It also comes with a digital scorecard to help you track your game. The Skycaddie includes a mark ball feature. 

Best Handheld Golf GPS
The best handheld golf gps

The mark ball feature shows how far you hit your ball, and where it lands in relation to your target. This technology is advanced and updated. 


There are many more golf devices on Amazon. In order to find the best device for you, visit Amazon and read through all of the multiple features that each version includes.