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Best Golf Range Finder

It can be hard to find the best golf range finder for you. There are so many different brands of golf range finders that you can find on Amazon. Some of the features that you can find are the same as others, and some vary in minor ways. 

In this post, we talk about what makes the best golf range finder. We have also listed the top rated golf range finder on Amazon!

How to Pick the Best Golf Range Finder

The first thing to think about when looking for a golf range finder is whether you want a clip on, or a handheld range finder. A clip on is smaller and more convenient.

A handheld is less convenient because it is more weight to carry around the course with you. But with a handheld, you can look through it and actually see the distance measurements. With a clip-on, you are just reading off of a screen.

If you are thinking about a handheld rangefinder, you must think about the magnification. It is better to get one with a higher magnification in order for you to see farther and clearer.

With either type of range finder, you need to look at the accuracy of each device. You want something that works well and does what it is supposed to do. That is true with any device you buy. 

If you are looking for a clip on rangefinder, look for one with a clear display screen. You want to look for something that is readable in the sunlight. You also want to look for something that has a long battery life. 

Other features that not every range finder has are slope readings and hazard warnings. If you want something that has either of these additional features, you must read through and find the one that offers them. They are not usual features that you can find on almost any device. 

Best Golf Range Finder on Amazon

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder is the top rated range finder on Amazon. This is a handheld range finder. It has the standard 6X magnification, which is similar to most handheld range finders. It also has a 400 yard range. 

This range finder is water resistant, making it safe and easy to take to any course in any weather. It also has pulse vibration notifications. These are to let the user know that the measurement to the desired target is correct. 

This Precision Pro device is the only one that comes with accurate slope measurement,  which is something that a lot of users look for.

This range finder comes with slope readings, which is something that not every handheld range finder includes. It is clear and precise to use. It also comes with a free, lifetime battery replacement as well as a two-year warranty and a trade-in allowance. 

best golf range finder

The Precision Pro Golf NX7 Rangefinder is $269.00 with free shipping. You can find this device on Amazon, along with other Precision Pro devices!